Friday, 12 August 2011

Best Places for Holiday Sightseeing in Innsbruck

Innsbruck is the perfect place for skiing, apres-ski, mountaineering and also sightseeing. There is a lot of nice, clean alpine air for anyone who likes this kind of holiday. Other attractions than mountain sports are the elegant town centre with its old buildings and friendly atmosphere.

After you unpack your luggage in a fine Innsbruck hotel, you have a lot of places to visit. For your convenience I will mention some of the best highlights for your convenience.

The holiday village offers many interesting activities to indulge in – outdoor sports, recreational activities and other. The main regions that you may visit here include the Sellraintal Region, Western Holiday Villages, Southern Holiday Villages and the City Area.

The Alpenzoo is the most elevated zoo and is a perfect place for children. This zoo has a vast collection of wonderful fauna of the Alpine region.

The Ambras castle, once a military structure, is the oldest museum in Europe. The castle boasts of enchanting gardens and comprises of two main grounds. The Upper castle prides itself on the matchless collection of art works and the Lower Castle exhibits the belongings of the Count of Tyrol – Archduke Ferdinand.

Two of the must-see buildings in Innsbruck are connected to emperor Maximilian who made the town his residence, realising the strategically important location of Tyrol. The Hofkirche contains the cenotaph of the emperor, made of black marble and decorated with bas-reliefs and bronze statues. The place where the emperor enjoyed chivalric jousting is a three-story balcony called the Golden Roof which is another famous attraction in Innsbruck.

Besides these main places of interest, Innsbruck has a lot of shops and nice restaurants offering traditional dishes.

Well equipped with up-to-date modern facilities and praiseworthy staff service, hotel Innsbruck is a class apart.

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